Toprite Worktops Curved Worktops
Curved Worktops

There is an almost endless choice of shapes to choose from - curved kitchen units at the end of a run or an island can be combined with a radius unit at each corner. Interesting stepped out features can be created with curved doors and drawers under a hob or sink. These curved units are a designer’s dream but standard postformed worktops do not work with these types of features. We have several solutions.

Square laminate and PP/ABS (2mm thick acrylic edges)

We can fabricate our complete range of laminate worktops with square laminate edges or a contrasting acrylic edge. In addition, over 100 patterns can have a matching acrylic edge – these edges have a softened superior finish. This is the most cost effective way to have designer curves and shapes, without the added cost of more expensive worktop materials. No standard radius sizes – the exact size needed to match the unit or pillar fitted underneath

GetaCore® worktops

In our GetaCore® range of solid surface, we provide economically priced solid surface worktops able to cope with all shapes and curves. There are no restrictions on the sizes or positions of any radius curves. From a very tiny radius to a combination of curves to match a wave shaped unit, we can create a worktop to suit a unit perfectly.

Du™Pont® Corian worktops

The ultimate and original solid surface that can be curved to suit any worktop configuration imaginable. Unlimited bespoke shapes which can also seamlessly blend together different heights of worktops for low level eating areas or easily accessible lower height hobs