Toprite Worktops Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
What sort of worktops do you have?

We have various types of laminate and solid surface worktops. DuPont™Corian® and GetaCore®solid are our most popular solid surface worktops and also offer HI-MACS®, Staron® and Hanex®.

Can you cut worktops to size?

Yes. Laminate worktops and GetaCore® solid surface worktops can be cut to the exact sizes required. We also factory cut joints, radius curves and special shapes. DuPont™Corian worktops need to be templated and installed by us.

Do you deliver?

Yes. All our deliveries are done by our own transport.

What is a solid surface worktop?

Solid surface is a man made acrylic material with qualities which are ideal for kitchen worktops. It is much thicker than standard laminate and its smooth surface is completely non-porous.

What are the main advantages of solid surface worktops?

They can be joined together seamlessly which is particularly useful in unusual shaped layouts where joints in other worktops – particularly granite and quartz – would be unsightly. Having a ‘renewable’ surface means the finish can be restored to look as good as the day they were fitted after many years of use. Any curves and shapes are possible.

How many patterns do you do?

There are hundreds to choose from.

How much do your worktops cost?

Laminate worktops will usually cost a few hundred pounds but this obviously depends on the size of the kitchen and the number of worktops required. Let us have a drawing and full details of the worktops so that we can quote you a price.

What about sinks?

We can supply Corian® and GetaCore® worktops with factory fitted undermounted integrated sinks complete with grooves and recessed drainers.

Are solid surface worktops better than Granite?

It is a matter of opinion but we would say definitely ‘yes’. The seamless appearance cannot be beaten and the ‘renewable’ nature of the material means that the worktops can always be made to look brand new. Its smooth surface does not allow liquid to penetrate and it is easy to clean. Bacteria and mould have nowhere to take root and you will see Corian® used in hospitals, dental practices and doctor’s surgeries. When did you last see a granite worktop in a clinical environment?

Why choose us?

Toprite have been expertly cutting and edging worktops for over 25 years in our Telford factory. We truly specialise in worktops and do not sell any other products. Our experienced, knowledgeable and professional staff can advise on all aspects of worktop planning and fabrication. All our DuPont™ Corian® kitchen installations are covered by the DuPont™Corian® 10 Year Warranty.