Toprite Worktops How to order
How to order cut to size GetaCore® worktops

All orders for cut to size GetaCore® worktops must include a worktop plan which provides all the information needed for accurate manufacture. The drawing can be a hand drawn sketch and it does not need to be scale. A standard kitchen plan is unsuitable and does not have enough specific worktop details and additional information needs to be added. We will need the following detail.

  • The GetaCore® worktop pattern name and/or code number.
  • Length and width of all worktops. The clearest way to do this, is by giving the overall lengths on the plan and show the width of each worktop. Make sure that measurements are written clearly in large print. This is particularly important if you intend to send any information by fax - faxed small print is normally illegible.
  • Do not assume that all units require standard 600mm deep worktops - always check the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • When calculating the length of a worktop remember to allow for the thickness of any matching ‘add on’ end panels and additional length required for overhang at the end of a run of units. Allowing 15-20mm overhang at the end of a unit run will give a better overall look.
  • Indicate all the finished edges required. Don’t forget that finished return edges are needed next to tall units.
  • Show the size of any curves or angle cuts. Your furniture supplier can provide all the worktop information needed for curved units. This information is essential where the finished worktop needs to follow the exact shape of the unit fitted below.
  • Show the position of the joints – remember to keep sink/hob cut-outs well away from joints. All joints must be at least 150mm away from any sink bowls, drainers or hob cut-outs.
  • Take care when deciding on the joint positions. To ensure that the special GetaCore® reinforcement joint strips can be fitted in place always make sure that the final worktop can be fitted in place by being slid into its final position. (Click for more details of joint reinforcement strips)
  • Hob and inset sink cut-outs are normally cut on site but these can be factory cut if required. The dimensions and positions of the cut-outs must be shown.
  • Specify if any upstands, hob splashbacks, wall panels or window sill panels are required.
  • All 'cut to size orders' for GetaCore® will include the necessary adhesive, joint kits, sanding kit, moisture barrier kit(for protection of the underside of the worktop in the sink/dishwasher areas) and care/maintenance kit.

The simple drawing below shows an example of the information required.

Worktop drawing GetaCore cut and edge plan
How to order cut to size GetaCore® worktops with an undermount sink

In addition to all the information above, the drawing needs to show the exact position of the sink and drainer grooves. The clearest way to show this is by marking on the drawing the centre line of the cut-out which is required for the bowls. In the example below, the dimension ‘X’ is 1200mm and this will position the sink in the centre of the 600mm sink base. We recommend that all worktops with factory fitted sinks also have factory cut joints. Site cutting of joints on worktops with fitted sinks can sometimes be difficult. Always discus this in advance with your fitter.

The simple drawing below shows an example of the information required.

GetaCore worktops with an undermount sink

Always take into account, that cutting joints on a worktop with a factory fitted sink is more difficult to handle and this should be discussed with the fitters in advance. The installer will also need a slot cutter to ensure the accurate cutting of the groove required for the GetaCore® reinforcement strip in the joint.

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